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When am I eligible to retire?

SURS would like to receive your application 60-90 days prior to your effective date of retirement.

What documents should I submit with my retirement application?

SURS will need a photocopy of your birth certificate if you have not already submitted one. In addition, if you are married, SURS will need a photocopy of your spouse’s birth certificate and your marriage certificate.

Can I return to work after I retire?

For Traditional and Protable Plan monthly annuities:

After retirement, you may return to work with a SURS-covered employer after you have been retired for at least 60 calendar days. There is no waiting period if you return to employment with an employer who is not covered by SURS.

For Portable Plan Lump-Sum Annuities:

You may not return to work for a SURS-covered employer until 60 days following the date your benefit is issued.

If your return to SURS-covered employment is after the 60-day period mentioned above, you have the following choices:

  1. If you wish to return to participation and earn additional benefits, you must complete the Election to Participate During Re-employment Following Receipt of a Lump-Sum Retirement Benefit form.
  2. If you do not elect to participate, no SURS contributions will be withheld. In addition, you should contact your Benefits Office to determine your health insurance eligibility as a non-contributing SURS member.

For Retirement Savings Plan (RSP):

You may return to work after retirement with no restrictions from SURS. There is not a 60-day waiting period. There is neither a monthly or annual earnings limitations. You will not contribute the 8 percent of earnings to SURS. NOTE: If you were vested for retirement benefits and took a lump-sum retirement distribution, in addition to not being able to contribute to SURS, you may not be eligible for certain benefits if you return to work for a SURS-covered employer. It is strongly recommended that you contact your employer for benefit eligibility prior to accepting employment.

Will I receive a cost of living increase on my retirement?

If you first began participation prior to January 1, 2011:
Each January 1st, your retirement annuity will automatically receive a 3% compounded increase. The first increase will begin on the January 1st following the month in which you retire and will be prorated for the number of months you were retired.

If you first began participation on or after January 1, 2011:
A non-compounding annual increase will apply to the monthly retirement annuity beginning on the January 1 occurring on or after the later of your attainment of age 67 or the 1st anniversary of the commencement of your annuity. The annual increases will be the lesser of 1/2 of the Consumer Price Index – Urban (CPI-U) from the preceding year or 3%, computed on the original retirement annuity amount. If for any year the CPI-U decreases or is zero, no annual increase will apply.

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